Product Maintenance

  • Please adhere to the weight limits for the products. For example:
    HDPE Slides 50kg
    LUX Slide 70kg
    Stork Nest Swings 100kg
    Blow moulded swings 50kg
    Baby Swings 18kg / 36 months
  • We recommend that the purchaser checks the products regularly (each month) to ensure the safety and integrity of the product is upheld.
  • Children should be supervised when using the play equipment.
  • The timber will develop splits as it ages and dries out. This is a normal process and will not weaken the timber. If you are concerned about the timber please contact Jaco on 0220949760
  • Check the bolts on swings beam are still tight and nuts on the swing hooks are still locked.
  • Check ropes on swings are not showing signs of fraying.
  • Take care not to lift the end of the slide as it may split where the screws attach.
  • Position slides out of direct sunlight if possible.
  • Timber is treated H4 or H3. It does not need staining but can be, using products recommended at Hardware stores, if desired.
  • Macrocarpa will age to silver.