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This week we have been busy creating a new play area. Our clients wanted challenging monkey bars and climbing opportunities and a safe, fun area for the wee ones so we went with a Super Platform and Super Mini Fort. The soft fall area and certified bark is going in this Thursday and Friday.

The monkey bars are a great activity for children as the hand grips going side to side is great for developing the muscles and coordination needed for writing.


Climbing, hanging, swinging, and any other high-energy activities that build strength in upper body and core muscles are important beginnings of fine motor skills.

Twisting, turning, dangling, and swinging helps develop the flexibility and agility necessary for rotating the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers.

Pushing, pulling, tugging, and lifting up builds strength while developing an understanding of simple physics such as weight, pressure, and resistance.

So remember. When it comes to getting ready for writing, “M” is for Monkeybars!

Check out our Super Duper Monkey Fort

Check out our Medium Climbing Holds   to create your own challenging climbing wall.

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